We want to work with you and win you as a dealer for our products

As a dealer for our products, we support you and offer you everything you need to successfully sell our products. Whether you have a music store, an online store or both, we have the solutions for you.

Fuel for your Marketing

You get access to our marketing materials. This includes photo shoots, social media posts and extensive graphics and renderings.


If you sell on marketplaces like Amazon, you can easily use our existing listings.

Product Feeds

If you would like to connect your online shop directly to us, you can use our CSV data feed, for example.

Linking your Online Shop

We link your online shop directly to our product pages. This means that a customer who looks at a product on our website can be redirected directly to the respective product in your shop and order it at an attractive price.

Access to new Products

Be the first to get access to our new products.


You have the opportunity to purchase products with small visual defects as well as discontinued items at greatly reduced prices.


You have the option of providing us with a shipping label, or we can charge you a fixed rate per shipment. We will then take care of processing and shipping your orders. Direct-To-Customer has never been easier!

We link your shop

If you offer our products in your online shop and have at least 20 different product variants of our products listed, we can place a direct link to your listing on our product pages. This will redirect customers straight to your shop.

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Partner for strong brands.

We are partners of the biggest brands in the music industry and produce custom cases for them.

How does it go from here?

You can reach our team under +49 (0) 6152 63070 or send an email to info@jakob-winter.com

You can also register directly with us as a dealer, here is the link.

We look forward to working with you!